Garden Railway Project 2015

Having made a few visits to a friends garden railway the bug began to bite. At the last running day round there I was sold a few items of rolling stock by Allan of G-Wizz garden layout display group, and a week later and some bidding on Ebay I had collected many more items of stock, 3 locos, and enough track to get a decent layout started.

This is the area I planned on utilizing, consisting of 4 plastic ponds and a gravel surface with minimal planting. No fish but plenty of weed and marginal potted plants all inter-connected via a filter box so water can circulate around.


Connecting pipework to replace


The original area with ponds

The lower left hand pond had to come out as rainwater kept getting under it and lifting it as it wasn’t sufficiently big enough to be so heavy to counter this. All the ponds are interconnected using 3/4″ overflow piping through glands in the sides of the ponds so water lever is balanced and a pumped flow around all three is achieved.

This meant that now a pond was removed the inter connecting pipework needed rejoining between the other two ponds. I also added a T-piece riser under the path so the water butt that collects rainwater off the conservatory roof could feed in to top up the ponds rather than spilling onto the ground and flooding the whole area. There is no storm water drain in this area.


Ground water to bail slightly


Power feed conduit buried

Also I added a conduit to allow cabling to pass under the path and rise centrally between rail beds into a waterproof box (an old type polyurethane margarine tub temporarily). This will contain the junction connectors to each rail section when wiring is completed. A nut tied to a length of string and blown through the conduit with compressed air gave the means to pull through the power cable afterwards.

Typical of a Fylde Coast Spring, once I got the pipework installed and the soil re filled the weather broke and everything became a swamp and so work had to stop for a few days.